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This short quiz will not be graded. It is meant to let the library know what you've learned about the library and research in your classes.

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What are the best keywords in the following research question: “Do violent video games increase teenage violence?” *
Most of the time, when you use someone else’s work in your own work (and you cite it correctly!) you want to: *
Which of the following describes a scholarly publication? *
What is an example of an article database? *
In a library, what are the stacks? *
Which of the following is NOT plagiarism? *
The call number of a book in the library will help you *
What is a research question? *
Why is it important to understand the information cycle? *
What is the information cycle? *
What does it mean that an academic or scholarly publication is peer-reviewed? *
Why would you want a peer-reviewed article? *
What is being cited below?   *
Gilbert, J. (2009). Using Assessment Data to Investigate Library Instruction for First Year Students. Communications in Information Literacy 3(2), 181-192.
All of the following are ways you can narrow or focus your search on MLA Bibliography EXCEPT: *
All of the following are ways to tell that a website is credible EXCEPT: *
What is the purpose of presearching? *
Which of the following statements is correct? *
Which of the following would be an appropriate research topic for a 5 page paper? *
What do you use your library PIN number for? *
What are the ways in which you can get help from the library? *
For what class or workshop are you taking this quiz? *
If you attended a workshop, what was the topic?
Who is your instructor? *
Did you use a Research Guide in your class? *
Have you taken this quiz in another class? *
Have you taken, or are you currently taking LIBR 1101 (Academic Research and the Library)? *
Did you use Research Ready in your class? *
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