FACT's Survey for BIPOC Livestock & Poultry Farmers
FACT (Food Animal Concerns Trust) is a national non-profit organization that supports farmers and ranchers who wish to raise their animals in pasture-based systems. FACT is conducting this brief survey to understand how we can better serve Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) livestock and poultry farmers in the U.S. Your responses will help create programs and policies that support and benefit BIPOC producers. For more information about FACT, please visit foodanimalconcernstrust.org/.

The survey deadline is June 18, 2021. Respondents are eligible for one of ten $25 gift cards. Winners will be drawn at random and notified by July 15th. All individual responses to the survey will remain strictly confidential.

You are invited to share this survey with other BIPOC livestock and poultry farmers you know. If you have questions, thoughts or concerns, please email FACT's Humane Farming Program Director Larissa McKenna at lmckenna@foodanimaltrustconcerns.org. We very much appreciate your feedback and value all that you are doing to care for your animals and nourish your community. Please stay healthy and be well.

Photo credit: Ponderosa Ranch in Jacksonville, TX, a FACT Farmer Grant recipient

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FACT offers grants, scholarships, free webinars, mentorship, and other training opportunities for livestock farmers who wish to raise their animals in pasture-based systems. Which of the following services would be useful to you? (Select all that apply)
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