Visit Fairfax Women's History Campaign
Visit Fairfax is launching a new marketing campaign this year celebrating women's history and its many ties to Fairfax County. The campaign will center around the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920.

We want to know how women have impacted your site or business. Please answer the following questions to be potentially included in this upcoming campaign. Any questions? Call us at 703-752-9506.
What elements of women's history/rights/etc. are relevant for your venue?
i.e. Female founder, female-led innovation, etc. Example might be a story like Ann Pamela Cunningham who formed the Mount Vernon Ladies Association to save George Washington's home.
Do you have special events coming up this year tied to women, women's history, the suffragist movement, or female empowerment? If yes, please share details.
Do you have someone in mind whose story should be told (either living or deceased) that is tied to your venue? If yes, please share details.
Are you interested in developing promotional offers or incentives relating to this women's history campaign that Visit Fairfax will promote on your behalf?
Clear selection
Please share any other thoughts you have related to this upcoming women's history campaign.
Thank you!
We may contact you to learn more about the answers you have listed above. Please tell us the best way to reach you in the next (and last) section.
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