Tell me more about you! It's time to make YOU a priority! Hello! I'm so excited you have decided to take the first step on your fitness journey! This form is designed to help me help you with a personalized plan that will fit your needs and goals. I am a mom of five, an American expat in Israel, a wife of a footballholic, CEO of ADD central here, and a health and fitness mentor. What I've learned is that I require time for just ME every day. I have come to realize that through the chaos, there is a way to stay healthy, to plan ahead, to cook nutritious and EASY meals, and live a life of conscious decisions. I would love to help you find balance and embrace your beautiful life!
This month I am running a Fun Fit Enough Feburary challenge, because when I started working out again at 210 lbs I had to stop thinking like a perfectionist and start lowering the expectations of myself to get out of my own way.
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