Managing Translational Informatics Projects (MTIP) Workshop Registration
Please fill out the information below to register for the MTIP workshop. In addition, we'd like to gather some information about the pain points in project management that we can potentially discuss and address.

An outline of the course topics and course materials are available here:

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Below are the sessions we plan to cover; please indicate how interested you are in each. This will help us gauge the amount of time we spend preparing and instructing on each.
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Intro to RedCap for programmatic use (eg. team onboarding etc)
Intro to GitHub for project managers
Managing and tracking issues in GitHub
Team communication via persistent chat / email etc
Agile project management techniques
What additional pain points would you like us to cover? *
Note - we will allow for time at the end of the day for open discussion of project management pain points amongst the participants and other topics that come up. What are other the tedious/labor-intensive functions that make you wonder "there must be a better way"?
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Need more information before deciding
Communicating with busy PIs
Managing shared documents (versioning, naming, etc)
Multi-author manuscripts and reference management
Managing team-wide calendars
Tracking your project's attribution and impact
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