21-Day Challenge Scholarship Application
Hello! I'm so happy you have decided to join us for the 21-Day Alignment Challenge and that you had the courage to request the scholarship.

Congratulations! I know that for many people even asking is a big step. Now let's help you take the next big step...

To really get the most out of this, please read this carefully.

This is the first step of the 21-Day Alignment Challenge, and is a great opportunity for you to align with what you want.

This application is a step into the power that will allow you to have an amazing experience and create the results you want.

No kidding.

So here are the things to know.

1. The scholarship is worked out on an individual basis, depending on what you can afford.

2. I understand that there are many reasons you might not be able to pay the full price of the challenge right now. There have been times in my life I had access to very little money. It is my intention to make this scholarship empowering rather than disempowering and affirming of your abundance and power.

3. For this reason, I ask you to make the price you pay an investment in yourself that is a little bit of a stretch. Without this stretch, people tend to enter the program with a disempowered mindset, feeling a bit ashamed or like a victim of their circumstances. With this stretch, you can connect to your own power and feel you have invested energetically.

4. So how much is your cost? Well the price of the program is $99, and the various prices that people have chosen so far include:

$79 - which eases the pressure a bit
$49 - so it's half price
$21 - which is a dollar a day

... and one person paid $7.21, which sounds like such a random number, but here's her story:

This was a young mother who had ended up in a very challenging situation, who genuinely had no money and in fact didn't even have a bank card, so she couldn't transfer me the money even if she had it. I invited her to get creative about it and feel into her power. She thought about it for a few minutes and then challenged herself to get me the money within an hour. In that time, she managed to come up with $7.21 and find someone who was willing to charge it on a card for her. With the hour I got the email about her payment. I thought that was a really creative and inspired choice! It took a lot of courage, and required her to get in action right away. When she wrote to me to tell me she had transferred the money to me, she said felt like a super hero, really stepping up for herself and her kids.

So I am truly open to what works FOR YOU. (And I mean FOR you...)

No one but you knows what the right number is for you, but as a guideline, you could think of it as a number that feels like, "Ok, I can totally handle this, no problem", and then just a little bit more! A stretch!

I won't question it. I just encourage you to make it a stretch so that you are genuinely invested!
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Do you want to connect with your most alive and empowered self?
Are you willing to see yourself as empowered and resilient, having all the creative resources you need to figure out whatever you need?
Have you given some thought to the right price for you that requires you to stretch just a little? (If not, do it now...)
What is that price?
Take a breath . ... Imagine yourself free and empowered ... breathe in, "I know I am worthy" ... breathe out, "I know I am resourceful" ... and hit SUBMIT.
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