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Please complete all information requested below. Information will be used for educational purposes ONLY and will not be used to accept/deny a student's application. All applications received during the Saints Online Early Enrollment Period (EEP) will be considered equal. If enrollment caps are reached during EEP, priority will be given to seniors. EEP closes at 3:30 pm, 5 school days before the start of the trimester. Applications received after the the early enrollment period are on a first come, first serve basis until the enrollment cap is reached. Enrollment closes on the 10th day of the Trimester at 3:30 pm. For special circumstances (major life event), the enrollment date may be extended.

Saints Online is a division of Independent School District 15, St. Francis, Minnesota.
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Class Drops - If a student wants to drop a class, the Saints Online principal must receive a drop request in writing within the first 10 school days of their official enrollment date. After that date, they must stay in the class until the end of the trimester.
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