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OWN Academy is about making learning real. Our mission is to reengineer education by focusing more on real-world learning, skills building and career life planning. By bridging the gap between schools and careers, we nurture student's self-awareness and equip them with 21st century skills to embark on their OWN path.

In 2020, we are launching OWN Academy 2.0, starting with our Real World Learning program - an immersive platform designed to bridge classrooms to industries and for students to explore diverse careers. Each industry experience is designed and taught by a talented and passionate Industry Coach through a series of online classes. As an Industry Coach, you will have the opportunity to transfer your knowledge, share your craft, and engage students on an authentic project.

7.5 hour program, 5 sessions x 1.5 hour each and we frame it as a pre-internship training, the idea is that after this program, students

If you are excited by the opportunity to inspire the next generation, please fill in the form below so we can get to know you better and look forward to speaking with you soon πŸ™‚

** Kindly note that we will not share your personal email, contact details , but we will share other information such as your education background, websites, work experience history, etc.
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We take child safeguarding seriously, all industry professionals that OWN Academy work with must go through a sexual / criminal record check as well as a child safeguarding online training at the Industry Professional's expense. *
Do you know anyone else who would be a good Industry Coach? If so, please leave their details below by listing their name, industry/position, email, and phone number respectively. (e.g John Smith, Game designer, johnsmith@gmail.com, **** ****)
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