The Truth?
I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and not just because of the situation of the world.

I starting modding because it was my creative outlet. It made me really happy and relaxed. However, things started to change because I started to change. I started to listen to much to everyone else and change things based on people's complaints and what they wanted. There were also people pressuring me to update and telling me how I should handle things.

Examples of comments:
"I really like this mod but can you change this...about it"
"I've been waiting long enough where is the *insert mod name here* mod?"
"I love the mod but can you remove this...because I'm doing a challenge"
"My sims are dying because of you...can you remove this.."
"It has been 3 days and you still haven't updated *insert mod name*.."

Eventually, I was moving at everyone else's pace, creating what everyone else wanted, adjusting my ideas to everyone's standards, even tried to impress a group of people that didn't even like me as a creator, and basically I went into autopilot. This was no longer my happy place or creative outlet this was a place I wanted to avoid. It got to a point I would avoid my discord, youtube comments, twitter notifications, twitter DM's, Instagram comments, Instagram DM's, etc..I had no escape from this stress because people followed me everywhere it was like never ever getting off of "work" unless I avoid my phone entirely.

You want me to get to the point right? So you can go download right? 🤣
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