GP Job Profile
GP candidates seek a broad range of relevant information about your practice and the requirements of your role, if you can take a little time to fill in the brief, it would be very beneficial for us to be able to help you find the right person.
*note: if you dont have access to answers for all questions (or don't want to pass that information), please leave those blank, we'll work with the information that you do give us.

***When filling this information in, please try to think of the information you cover off on with in the positive conversation you would have with a prospective GP candidate, this will help us to ensure we're able to put your practice -and the opportunity- forward in the best light... thanks for your time and assistance in this :-)
Practice Name
(and name of the Corporate / Practice Group if relevant)
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Practice contact person name
initial contact person for this recruitment
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contact person's contact details
phone and email
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management / ownership profile
1. Work location
include: suburb, region, and postcode
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2. General information on practice town / suburb
Is it a DWS location? The town / suburb is densely populated, with a population of xx thousand / there is significant projected population growth
Your answer
3. Where is the practice located within the town, or suburb?
e.g. in commercial area / shopping centre, Pharmacy is next door, large hospital 12km away
Your answer
4. What is the normal Full Time Equivalent GP staffing number for your practice?
Your answer
5. What is the practice’s patient mix?
e.g. young families, nearby retirement villages, large population of certain background, Are there any significant aspects of the patient demographic, including languages, origin, age, occurrence of chronic health conditions? "there is a high level of Chronic Disease", "Practices in the area have full patient lists"
Your answer
6. (a) Support- Specialists in the same complex (or nearby)
6. (b) Support- Nursing in practice
6. (c) Support- Allied Health
6. (d) Support- Key members of the admin team– who makes up the rest of the team?
Are there any notable members of the admin team, such as a long term practice manager, or experienced busniess manager (remembering a good admin team, or a practice manager can be the backbone of a successful and desirable practice)
Your answer
6. (e) Support- other amenities
7. What are the practice opening hours?
eg Mon - Fri: 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 1 pm. Closed Sundays
Your answer
8. What are the doctors’ likely working hours?
e.g. Mon - Fri: 8 am to 6 pm | Mon - Fri: 9 am to 5 pm | encouraged to work one Saturday in four | some flexibility on hours available | or: must be available for a regular weekend session
Your answer
9. Is the practice AGPAL, GP Training accredited?
10. Preferred start date (or: flexible for right GP)?
Your answer
11. Is this a replacement, or due to a growth in patient numbers?
12. Role type
13. Are any specific qualifications, skills or Special Interests essential or desirable?
e.g. women’s health, men’s health, skin cancer, minor surgery, occupational medicine, Chinese speaking | What are the education / experience requirements you expect of the candidate? | VR GP? | or: non- VR, but with General Registration and GP experience
Your answer
14. Whats the IT system used
15. What are the features of the building and facilities?
e.g. Modern, Newly Purpose Built, ample parking, large consult rooms with natural lighting, set in a busy centre with significant foot traffic
Your answer
16. Is the practice bulk, private or mixed billing?
17. If there is private billing, what % of billing is private?
Your answer
18. How many years has the practice been established?
Your answer
19. Patient numbers– how many patients do your GPs typiaclly see each day?
e.g. expected xx per day per doctor | no- there is no expectation | taking over from retiring GP / or busy GP who has left the area
Your answer
20. What earnings are on offer?
e.g. x% of gross billing, and a guarantee of $130/hr for three months, to help build up their practice
Your answer
21. What is the typical weekly gross billings of your current full-time, well-established GPs?
$x week, based on working 40 hours a week
Your answer
22. How many months do you estimate it will take for the new GP to be fully booked and earn that income?
Your answer
23. Are there any additional benefits on offer?
eg. Accommodation and relocation payable | % of PIPS
Your answer
24. What length of contract is offered?
Your answer
25. Are there partnership opportunities available?
***26. What makes your practice stand out as an attractive and desirable place to work?
e.g. "supportive environment that would suit recent qualified GP" | "fresh modern new, energetic team" :,how many years established? | "great lifestyle location" | "scope for growth and improving income" | "wonderful patients" | "can reach $8k a week billings in the near future" | "x number of years established in the community"
Your answer
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