What global health work are UK emergency care practitioners involved in?
This survey will take around 5-10 minutes.

It is the first part of our research has 4 main aims:

·   Mapping the global health work undertaken by emergency care practitioners in the UK

·   Using this map to connect others interested in engaging in global health work

·   Using these connections to strengthen global health engagement as part of UK emergency care

·   Using this strengthened engagement to improve the quality and impact of global health work

The world map we develop will have pin-points to a location(s) which this work is connected to

You will NOT be named directly on the map.

Instead the pin-point will open up an information window with details of the global health work previously/currently undertaken by employees in your emergency department as well as the geographical location of this work (and any web-links/relevant information).

There will be a contact form which map-browsers can complete and which will then indirectly come to your email address (if you have consented to this part).  You can then choose whether to respond or not.

Every 12 months, the IT and Global Emergency Medicine team at RCEM will send an email to ensure the information on the map is still accurate. If they receive no response to 3 emails (spaced apart in time) they may deactivate the information on the map pending further information that your email address remains active or that the global health activity remains relevant.

For full details of the study see the Participant Information Sheet v2.0 4th April 2021 here:

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