Mamas' University Application
An online fellowship offering a holistic approach to developing women-of-color leaders to advocate for families.  Women do not lead single-issue lives. Building an activist mother requires addressing all of her relationship issues: her relationship with herself, her family, and most importantly, her relationship with power.

Cost: $50

Applications close Friday, April 20.


April 26 Introduction and Storytelling

May 31 Defining Advocacy and Activism Language

June 28 Black Women as Victors in the Street, System/History of Women of Color Organizing

July 26 White Supremacy, Capitalism and Patriarchy

August 23 Self love and Self Care as a Revolutionary Act

September 27 Principles of Organizing Forms of Organizing

October 25 Base-building Forms of Organizing

November 22 Revolutionary Parenting

For questions and financial assistance inquiries, please contact Tameka Ramsey:


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