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What is is a community-driven private investment community specializing in cryptocurrencies, gaming and other blockchain projects, with a vision to make entry into very early stage, top-tier projects accessible to small investors.

How does it work?
1-You will have access to several presales (private rounds and seed rounds) top of the moment, between 3 and 5 first level monthly presales, projects with possible launches in Launchpads like DaoMaker, Seedify, Gamefi, Polkastarter, Bscpad, etc. With incredible partners such as IBM, Microsoft, Polygon... and with privileged information.

2-These presales will have a 12% or 15% commission but the prices will be much lower than those of the IDO and the minimum with which it will always be allowed to participate will be $ 1000 and the maximum will depend on our allocation, no more having to have thousands of dollars blocked in tokens that fluctuate, to end up making us with only $ 10-40 at IDO price.

3-You will have access to a Telegram channel where we announce all projects and another Telegram chat channel where we discuss and talk about projects and current events.

4-Through Telegram a survey will be sent with all the available information of the pre-sale, you will be provided with a form with the terms and conditions of the pre-sale, as well as the steps to be able to participate.
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