RSVP for Hillel High Holiday Seders & Meals 2019
Join Hillel for High Holiday Seders and Meals this year.

The High Holidays are a wonderful time for prayer, spirituality, and reflection. They are also a WONDERFUL time eat great food made by hand by Goldie, our Hillel caterer and authentic Jewish grandma! The menu will feature brisket, matzo ball soup, and much more!

Listen, you're just getting back to campus and Hillel knows that your're already busy as heck. We heard you have a calculus test coming up and that you already joined 15 different student groups and swiped for 10 different GMEs? Way to go. We are going to try to keep this as quick as we can so you can get to chapter and then GRINs for dinner... But please provide ALL of the information we request so that we can make enough food and reserve enough space for everyone.

Each student must complete this form individually to reserve their space. The deadline is Sunday, September 22.
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