Faculty eBook Access Confirmation Request
Did you find an eBook in our catalog that you want to use in your class? Some of the e-books in our catalog have usage restrictions or are leased titles that can be removed from our subscription during the course of the semester. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you notify us if you are assigning a library resource in class, so that we can upgrade our access to the appropriate level.

Please complete this form and we will research and confirm for you our current access levels to the eBook(s) in question and purchase additional access (if needed).

While you can enter multiple eBook titles into this form, we request that you complete one form for each course offering. This way we can analyze your licensing needs and minimize confusion.

Please Note: It is typically against policy to purchase electronic access to textbooks, especially those that come with "web resources" or "access codes" for student use. If you have a question about a specific eBook, please do still complete this form and we will see what we can do.

Also, some vendors can take up to 2 weeks to make our eBook purchases available. Please try to plan ahead as much as possible. Thank you!
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Please provide us with the following information on the intended use of the eBooks in question. We will use this in determining which type and size eBook licenses we need to purchase for your request.
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Please provide for us as much information as possible, including title, author, edition, and permalink to the item in question in the catalog, if available. You may enter as many eBook titles as you like in the field below.
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