Aya Donna Assistant
Aya Donna is looking for a highly motivated and reliable assistant able to handle a wide variety of tasks and projects related to clothing and accessory creation, social media, and business administration.

Part time, temporary, contract
10-15 hours per week
June - July, 2018 (possible extension)
Flexible schedule: Afternoons – weekdays, some weekends & special events
Location - Decatur, GA

Aya Donna is a growing brand of handmade garments, accessories, and many other items. Most products are unique creations made of predominantly African fabrics.

All aspects of the business have been managed by one person thus far. To continue growth, the owner is looking for a highly motivated and reliable assistant, able to handle a wide variety of tasks and projects.

Basic knowledge of sewing, hemming, pressing are preferred but not required. Good administrative and technological skills are required. Must be a dependable, fast learner, who works well under pressure.

Work location will predominantly be from the owners home. Some projects may be assigned that can be completed elsewhere. There will also be vending and events at different locations.

Necessary skills include:
- Self-disciplined, organized, efficient, and excellently manage time
- Work well under direction and pressure
- Able to multitask
- Detail oriented
- Excellent spoken and written english
- Very optimistic, positive minded, and energetic
- Accept challenges and make things happen
- Good knowledge of websites, mobile apps, and social media
- Positively handle critiques and learn and improve skills
- Interpersonal and customer facing communications skills
- Excellent customer service and ability to handle fast pace sales environments
- Punctual and dependable
- Able to lift at least 40 pounds
- Comfortable working on ones feet for long periods of time

Job responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
- Cutting, hemming, ironing garments
- Basic sewing (depending on experience)
- Assembly and tagging of garments and accessories
- Organizing and cataloging wide variety of inventory
- Maintenance of online sales platforms
- Packaging and shipping online orders
- Social media updates and post designs
- Inventory and maintenance of garments and accessories
- Setup and breakdown of vending displays
- Assisting with and/or managing of vendor booth at events
- Face to face customer service/ interactions
- Writing product descriptions, social posts, emails, and other correspondence
- Other tasks as assigned

If you feel that you are a great fit for this position please complete the application below. No direct calls or emails please.

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