If you filled out this application for 2018, DO NOT fill it out again. This form is for NEW applicants. Once this application is completed, you should only be filling out the short registration forms for each event going forward. The Initial/Main Application should only be filled out one time, unless otherwise instructed by Cali or Jessica. The information below may seem redundant, but we have a lot of trouble with this and need your help to make sure you are following our specific instructions. Thank you for your cooperation!

This is your initial application to join our team! Once you have completed this application (which requires emailing a headshot) you will then be added to our main roster. You will start to receive emails from us as we begin to staff for specific events. These emails will contain information on where and how to register for each event. These additional registration forms will be required for all 2019 events with Chicago Festival Management Group.

THIS CURRENT APPLICATION IS TO JOIN THE CFMG TEAM IN GENERAL. THIS IS NOT THE REGISTRATION FORM FOR ANY OF OUR SPECIFIC EVENTS. If you are looking to register for a specific event, you will need to head back to the Application/Registration page and click the corresponding button for that event. This application is a required first step before registering for any events, but you should not fill this out unless you have never filled this out before.

Please fill out all information below as detailed as possible so that we can quickly contact qualified candidates when Festival Recruiting begins. Please read the notice at the end of this application informing you to email us a recent head shot to Your application is not complete until we receive that!

The final section of this application is reserved for people who have worked with CFMG in the past. Please do not fill out those questions if you have not worked specifically with CFMG.

Please TRIPLE check your email address below to ensure it's correct. Due to mistyped email addresses we have been unable to reach out to some of our candidates.
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