PHS Attendance Letter
PHS Attendance Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As we begin the academic year, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the district’s attendance policy and actively monitor your child’s progress in abiding by this policy.

The Princeton Public Schools Board of Education’s attendance policy states that any student who is absent more than (18) eighteen times in a full year course and/or more than (9) nine times in a semester course will lose credit in that course. Furthermore, every (3) three tardies to a class period is equal to (1) one absence. Please note that both verified and unverified absences and tardies count towards loss of credit.

Parents will be informed of their child’s absence each day via a phone call. Parents should call the attendance office or send in a note for each of their child’s absences and/or tardies. Please submit any documentation relating to a student’s absence within 3 days of the absence.

Attendance information for each class can also be viewed on PowerSchool. Parents will be notified in writing after quarter 2 if their child is in danger of losing credit in a full year class and is approaching the limit at that time. We strongly encourage parents to view their child’s attendance on PowerSchool regularly.

If your child has exceeded the allowable absences/tardies and you feel that there are extenuating circumstances which offer a legitimate explanation for the absences/tardies, please submit a letter of appeal by the end of the school year to Assistant Principal Angela Siso Stentz, advisor of students with last names beginning with the letters (A-G), Assistant Principal Jessica Baxter, advisor of students with last names beginning with the letters (H-O) or Assistant Jared Warren, advisor of students with last names beginning with the letters (P-Z). All letters of appeal will be forwarded to the Attendance Appeals Committee and this committee will render a decision to either approve or deny course credits based upon the school district’s attendance guidelines.

As always, our teachers, guidance counselors and assistant principals will continue to assist your child’s efforts to maintain good attendance. With your support and active participation in this process, we hope to reach the goal of maximizing your child’s educational experience at Princeton High School.

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