Teaching and Learning Evaluation (Undergraduate)

Department of Medical Education Development
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    The Purpose and Benefit of Monitoring & Evaluation

    The purpose of this evaluation exercise is to help the School of Medicine serve you better. Please give us your objective views/opinions by answering all the questions in this evaluation booklet. The information to be collected will be treated in the strictest confidence, and will solely be used for purposes of enhancing our service levels and the quality of education we provide. This exercise shall be done at the end of each academic year. What is being evaluated? The evaluation comprises three complementary Standards:

    Three Standards of the M & E Module

    Standard A Institutional Accreditation on the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Basic Standards Standard B Evaluation of Educational Standards (Teaching Contribution and Course Management) Standard C Assessment Standards 1. Assessing the Institutions Performance against the WFME Basic Standards for Quality Medical Education. This standard looks at the institutions’ accreditation worthiness when assessed using the WFME Standards. 2. Assessing the quality of educational standards (teaching contribution and course management). This standard assesses the quality of teaching contribution and course management by measuring student perceptions on various educational indicators. 3. Assessing the quality of assessment methods and student performance in examinations of the institutions. This standard assesses the fitness for purpose of the assessment methods used including reliability and validity, quality of and administration of assessments.