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Thank you for requesting information about our assemblies, we would love to come and share our journey. Due to the sensitive nature of our story, we feel it is ideal for 4th graders through High School, parents and school administrators. It is important to note that we cannot avoid mentioning that Mallory passed.

Who presents?
-Dianne Grossman, Mallory's Mother

What does our 1-hour assembly cover?
-A presentation explaining intention for good, gone bad
-A message for teachers
-Mallory's life at school and how being excluded & bullied hurt her
-Mallory's mantra of living a bracelet KIND of life and what that means
-Each student receives the effective blue band EMPOWERING the children to be the up standers

We also budget time in our presentation for a Q & A session for Dianne Grossman, Mallory's mom, to answer questions from the audience.

Why do the school assemblies require a pre-screened Q&A session?
-We, as adults, can gain a lot of knowledge from the questions children ask, it is important we GIVE them a voice and allow them to be heard.
-We recommend you set up a shoe box allowing children to prepare for our visit by letting them anonymously place questions they want to ask about bullying OR suicide, this is a wealth of knowledge for administrators.

Are there alternatives to the assembly?
-Dianne Grossman, Mallory's mom, can offer a story telling style program for the younger kids where we use two books written by a local NJ school teacher to talk about sometimes feeling sad, lonely and excluded.
-Dianne talks about how words hurt and that OUR words matter.
-These students also receive a blue band to remind them to be kind and live a bracelet KIND of life.

What are the costs?
Depending on the number of students we typically charge $1,200.00, this includes the bracelets. If you decide you would like an evening session for parents, we charge $500.00 for a 6pm-8pm on the same day of the assembly.

How to book your event?
This form will allow our team to review your request. Please allow 7 business days from the date you submit your request to receive a response regarding your event inquiry. If you would like to schedule a time to talk please send an email to Info@mallorysarmy.org.

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