Hope and Friendship Youth Survey Spring 2021
It has been one year since our world, as we know it, was spun into upheaval disrupting everything we knew as “normal”. Hope and Friendship would like to create a collection of thoughts, lessons learned, advice for the future messages from the present: you, the youth of our community.

This is an anonymous document that you would complete; no names, no contact information gathered, just your words helping us document how the pandemic impacted our community’s youth, the good and bad.

If you would like to talk more about your thoughts and feelings on this, or anything else and you have felt like you would like to connect with someone who would sit and listen, I would love to be that person or connect you with many of the friends of mine who love sitting and unpacking the stresses and confusions of youth and teen years just like I do! Text/Call me at 630-816-4972 or email me @ terri@hopeandfriendshipfoundation.com
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One year ago when schools shut down “temporarily” I felt ...
When it was apparent that this was going to for the rest of the school year, and continue into the summer I felt…
One thing (or more) I struggled with a year ago as COVID changed school, home, sports, activities…
When we had to adhere to the “stay at home” order beginning in March 2020, how did that go for your household? Was this a good or bad experience? Why?
What has been the most difficult part of the past year? How has the past year of COVID affected who you are?
What good has come of the past year? How has the past year of COVID improved who you are?
If this was to happen again in the future and another generation of young people would have to experience what you have, what advice, and lessons learned would you want them to hear from someone who lived it?
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