Winter By-Election for Student Council Chair
As a student at USW you are automatically a member of the Union and you have the right to vote in the Election. But why vote? Voting is your opportunity to affect decisions made by the Union and University. By taking part, you are directly shaping your University experience.

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete this ballot through your University email account. Failure to do so will render your vote invalid. All votes will be verified.

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The Voting System
Single Transferable Vote

We operate a Single Transferable voting system. This system, also known as STV, requires you to rank the candidates in order of preference.

Under STV, your vote is initially allocated to your most preferred candidate and, as the count proceeds and candidates are either elected or eliminated, is transferred to other candidates according to your stated preferences.


If you feel like the Candidates listed are not suitable for the position you may choose R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations) as your preference.

If R.O.N. receives the most number of votes for any position that post will be re-opened at the next By-Election.

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Student Council Chair (1st preference) *
Provides leadership to the Student Council and is its main ambassador.
Student Council Chair (2nd preference)
Student Council Chair (3rd preference)
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