Drone Racing
Drone racing is a sport event where participants control "drones" (typically small radio-controlled aircraft or quad-copters) to fly on a designed mission track. A complex, three-dimensional race course will be built for the race.
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1. Participants will need to fill a registration form at least one week prior to the event
2. Judgement will be done according to points in each round and gameplay league
3. Each team should have at least 2 and at most 4 members
4. Participants will need to bring their own battery backups and chargers.
Venue: Kathford International College, Balkumari, Lalitpur (Management Block)

Date: 30th Poush

Registration Fee : Rs. 2000 (per team)
Updated Registration deadline: Thursday, 26th Poush

Prizes :
Winner : Rs. 20,000
First Runner Up : Rs. 10,000

Yunip Lal Shrestha : 9818976418
Nakul Niroula : 9807954537

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1. There will be three rounds in the gameplay
Qualifying round: Two pilots will be racing in the same track at the same time.
Semi-final round: Four Pilot will be racing in the same track at the same time.
Final round: Two finalist pilot will be racing in the same track at same time.
2. The participants will be considered for scoring only if the drone completes the mentioned path in 3 in for the qualifying
3. There will be lap system in the same gameplay for the final round and semi final round.
4. During departure and approach to landing, the pilot must not fly the aircraft in a pattern that will allows the drone to
enter any of the no fly zone. (Note: No fly zone is the area excluding the racing data.
5. There will be a maintenance point where you can check or you can change the battery if you want. There will be no extra
time for the maintenance.
6. Pilot position will be fixed.
7. None of the team is allowed to turn on their drone during the game play of other team.
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