CREATIVITY in BLOOM Exhibitor Form
THANK YOU for sharing your creative green projects on the Creativity In Bloom platform.
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Exhibit Materials - Please include the following in this form:
1. Project Title
2. Project Image
3. Project Statement
4. Optional: A link to a photo gallery or video presentation
1. Project Title: Specify a Project Title and the Exhibitor name for use in online display. *
2. Project Image: Provide a working link to a picture/image file that can best present the project. It can be a link to a Google Drive photo, or an image from your device can be converted to an URL link using tools such as *
3. Project Statement: Describe in 50-100 words about the project, its design/story, creative, technical and “green” features. *
4. Optional: A working link to a photo gallery or short video to enhance the project presentation.
1. Exhibitor has the necessary authority/right to participate, submit this Form and Materials, and authorize the organizer to use the Materials. All contents must be friendly and appropriate for children and community at large. Participants must ensure that their works do not cause any infringement or damage, and will keep the organizer and its volunteers indemnified from any liability with respect to their participation. The organizer reserves the right to arrange and decide on display.
2. The organizer and its volunteers have the irrevocable right to use (and the right to authorize others to use) any Materials (any images, statement, etc.) in this event, other outreach and/or communication effort, via any media and material.
3. This event is a service project of the organizer. Participation is entirely voluntary. The organizer and its volunteers shall not be held liable in any case.
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