Chelsea Soccer Club Board of Directors Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Board of Directors at the Chelsea Soccer Club. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to promote soccer at all levels in the Chelsea area. We strive to create a supportive environment that helps players of all skill levels enhance their abilities and develop a lifelong love of the game. Our primary focus is on long-term player development rather than short-term success. Our coaching philosophy emphasizes skill development, tactical understanding, and personal growth on and off the field. We aim to instill values such as dedication, perseverance, and teamwork, which serve as the foundation for soccer success and beyond. At Chelsea Soccer Club we prioritize good sportsmanship among all individuals involved, including players, coaches, officials, parents, and fans.

As a board member, you will serve a three-year term and participate in monthly meetings with the Chelsea Soccer Club board. Your role will involve active engagement in strategic planning, decision-making, financial oversight, and governance to ensure the club's continued success. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to contribute to one of our standing committees, aligning with your interests and the needs of Chelsea Soccer Club. Your involvement in fundraising and community outreach initiatives, leveraging your expertise, networks, and resources, will be crucial. You will also act as an advocate, spokesperson, and community liaison for Chelsea Soccer Club, promoting soccer within our broader community.

As a board member, your role does not involve responsibility or authority over team formation, player rostering, league divisions, or coaching assignments and management. These aspects are overseen by the Director of Coaching and Chelsea Soccer Club Coaches. However, as a parent, your input and suggestions regarding these matters are valued and welcomed when requested or at the appropriate time. It's important to note that there will be no preferential consideration given to your child's team assignment, playing time, or program fees.

Chelsea Soccer Club is a working board, and our board members embody leadership, dedication, and a genuine commitment to positively impacting the lives of youth through the beautiful game of soccer. Transparency, accountability, and integrity are essential values to uphold while serving in this role.  We look forward to learning more about your qualifications, commitment, and alignment with our organization's mission and values.

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What ideas or initiatives do you have for improving and expanding the impact of the Chelsea Soccer Club?

What long-term vision do you have for the growth and sustainability of the Chelsea Soccer Club, and how do you plan to contribute to realizing that vision?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. Your responses will help us in the selection process for our board of directors. If you have any additional information or questions, please include them below.
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