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Every prospective student is given the opportunity to shadow a current Stone student through their school day. This allows your student to assess if Stone is the right educational fit for them and it also allows us to assess if this is an educational environment that allows your student to thrive.
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Open Campus
Here at Stone we have worked along side our student government to create an Open Campus Policy. Open Campuses in high schools are powerful things -- they serve as a kind of compact between students, institutions, and communities: that we trust each other, that we want to participate in the community around, that we are responsible citizens of the world.
There is a possibility that during your student's visit their Host may utilize this policy to grab food or in relation to an assignment. Although we believe this a great privilege for every student, we always leave the decision to you as the parent / guardian to decide if this is good fit.
I give my student permission to participate in the Open Campus Policy at Stone:
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