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The 2005 Montana Legislature passed a bill that changed the pupil instruction time during a school fiscal year from a required minimum of 180 school days to a required minimum number of aggregate hours. The act provided flexibility to school districts in setting their school calendar which allowed school district trustees to set the length of the school term, school day and school week. The traditional instructional day has been six hours. Districts on a strict four-day week normally hold classes for seven and one-half hours for 144 days per year. The total is still 1080 hours.

To gain more information about four-day school week, please click on the link to become informed prior to the survey. When finished, please complete the following survey which will be used as an informational piece to help the district consider options that will allow us to continue to serve children, help our local community and the future of our district.

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(source: OPI Four-Day School Week Report, October 2011, available at

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The state requires a minimum of 1,080 hours for 4-12 and 720 hours for K-3 of student contact time. Lunch time does not count. To meet the state requirements, the school day may start at approximately 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 3:30 p.m. for K-2 and 4:00 p.m. for 3-12. If Townsend School District were to implement a 4-day school week, would you support an extension in the the school day?
Would you be willing to have the school year lengthened by approximately a week?
Would you like to have the week added to the beginning or end of the school year?
If possible, would you be willing to try to make dental and doctor appointments on Fridays to prevent kids from missing school M-Th?
Would you be willing to send your child to school on certain Fridays each month for tutoring, remedial help or excessive absences if necessary?
Athletic contests and practices will be held on Fridays, would you be willing to send your child every Friday if it is expected by the coach?
Please list your concerns regarding the 4-day school week:
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Please list the positives/benefits of moving to a 4-day school week:
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Would you attend a meeting regarding the 4-day school week proposal?
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