RESTAURANT SUPPORT for an Expanded Polystyrene Foam Ban in Ventura
Dear City of Ventura Councilmembers,

I’m writing to you on behalf of my restaurant to express support for a citywide ban on expanded polystyrene (“EPS”) foam products. Such a ban is necessary to help mitigate the detrimental effects this toxic product is having on our city’s parks, waterways, and marine life.

As a local restaurateur, the environment is important to my business, my customers, and my community. Ventura is one of the last true beach towns in California—and it’s up to all of us to help preserve and protect its natural wonders.

Simply put: a clean Ventura isn’t just good for residents, it’s good for business.

People come from all over to visit Ventura. And as residents, we’re proud of where we live. But to keep it that way we need to take action to make sure we aren’t jeopardizing our health and the environment—not just for today, but for future generations.

Banning EPS foam is an easy way to do that. Most of these products are only used once—for a short time—before they become waste, and often litter. This dangerous substance leaches into food and breaks apart in waste bins, parks, and beaches. Once that happens, the tiny white toxic bubbles are nearly impossible clean up. And since they don’t biodegrade, that means they’re here to stay. Forever.

That’s why we need to stop the problem at the source—and you can do that. So, I’m urging you: please take action to enact a ban on EPS foam at restaurants and retail stores.

Over 125 other jurisdictions in California have already done so. Shouldn’t Ventura be next?
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