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The purpose of this survey is to collect nominations (and self-nominations) for area chair for COLING 2018. We have recruited 50 area chairs prior to the call for nominations and are now seeking 50 more via this nomination process. We absolutely welcome both self-nominations as well as suggestions of people we should invite (i.e., ordinary nominations).

We are planning for 2000 submissions to COLING 2018 (yikes!) which we will allocate evenly across 40 areas, so roughly 50 papers per area. We plan to have area chairs work in pairs, so we need 80 area chairs to cover 40 areas. In addition, we anticipate that there may be a range of troubleshooting and consulting beyond what we two as PC co-chairs can handle, and so we also want an additional 10 area chairs who can assist across areas, with START troubleshooting, handling papers with COI issues, and whatever else comes up. That means we're looking for 100 people total.

Privacy: The full dataset collected via this survey will only be seen by the PC co-chairs. We will publish summary statistics about the demographic information, but will take care to make sure that we don't publish counts for categories (aside from country of affiliation) that would be small enough that someone could match individual ACs to those categories. We will publish the names and affiliations of all ACs on the conference webpage and in other conference materials.

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