Clayworks Community Questionnaire
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Do you oppose this sale -- both buildings -- at this time?
Please write your name to sign the Campaign’s letters to the Board of Public Works members (Governor Hogan, Treasurer Kopp, Comptroller Franchot):
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Will you attend meeting(s) with public officials to discuss the proposed sale and the future of Baltimore Clayworks? So that we may contact you redates and times, please provide your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE:
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What will you do?
If all of the Baltimore Clayworks Mt. Washington properties are sold, and the organization relocates elsewhere (as the current Board has “proposed”), do you expect to:
Take classes or use studios at the new location?
Seek other facilities and programs elsewhere?
Offer donations or other support for Baltimore Clayworks under current leadership?
Who would you suggest as a candidate to join the “new Board” of Baltimore Clayworks or serve on Committees? Do you have contact information?
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Additional comments:
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Thank you from the campaign to SAVE Baltimore Clayworks.
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