MACC Referral Source Survey 2021
To continually improve our services to you and your referrals we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the following survey. All responses are confidential and only aggregate results will be used. Thank you for your assistance.
Please list the one service or program you referred to most frequently in the past year: *
Which of these categories would your agency/office fall under? *
How many referrals would you estimate that your agency has made to MACC during the past 12 months? *
The referrals involved primarily: *
What percentage of the referrals were Drug/Alcohol? *
What percentage of the referrals were Mental/Emotional? *
What is your primary reason for selecting MACC? *
Do you feel that you are able to get information about the client that you referred with a properly obtained release of information in place? *
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