BERC 2019 Innovation Expo Application
Come and present your research at BERC's 2019 Innovation Expo!

If you submit your short 3-5 sentence abstract by the early deadline, you will not only receive free admission to all BERC Energy Summit events this year, but also a 40% discount for a friend. Applicants who submit their abstracts by the final submission deadline will also receive free admission to all Summit events.

- Early abstract submission: Jan 11
-Final abstract submission: Jan 20
-Poster PDF due: Feb 8

This year's Expo offers awards for the first, second and third place presenters selected by a panel of experts in the energy field.

-1st place: $500
-2nd place: $250
-3rd place: $150
-Best back-to-basics explanation: $100
-Attendee favorite: $100

Please see here for more information:

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Project Information
Please provide a short 3-5 sentence research abstract as well as three sample questions to be included in the Expo program that audience members can reference when asking about your research. Please structure your questions at the following levels of scientific understanding: 1) high-school 2) college and 3) advanced familiarity with your research field.
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Authorship and Affiliations
Please list all authors involved in your research project (First Name M.I. Last Name (#)). List the main author first followed by all co-authors. The (#) should represent the author's affiliation: E.g. George R. Smith (1), Carry Wilson (2) and Kim Chen (1,2)

List author affiliations in order, separated by a semicolon: E.g. (1) University of California Berkeley, Energy and Resources Group; (2) Stanford University.

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Poster Printing
If you expect BERC to print your poster, please send your poster in PDF format (size 36″ x
48″ or 48” x 36”) to by February 8th
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