2016-17 Hale Eagles Winter Sports Parents Meeting
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School Policy
Hale Eagles Athletics are governed by the Hale Area School Board policy described in the Hale Area Schools student handbook. The policy may be found online at www.haleschools.net under the "Athletics" tab.
I understand that my athlete is governed by school policy and agree they will follow this policy. *
Team Rules
Each Hale Area Schools athletic team may have specific rules to that team. Those rules will be distributed by the coach and may require athlete and parent agreement to participate. These rules are intended to promote team discipline and set a standard of expectations for the team.
I understand my athlete will be required to abide by the team rules received from their coach. *
Academic Eligibility
Hale Area Schools has an academic eligibility policy that requires a student to have no failing grades. An athlete is not allowed contest participation the week in which the athlete has a failing grade in any particular class for the second consecutive week. While we work hard to keep athletes apprised weekly of any failing grades, each athlete and parent is responsible to stay informed throughout the season by checking grades through Skyward.
I understand my athlete will be held to the standards of the Hale Area Schools Athletic Eligibility policy. I also understand it is the athlete's responsibility to be aware of their grades and status with regard to this policy. *
Concussions and possible head trauma have become a very big concern in all areas of sport. The State of Michigan and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) both have created strict rules about concussions. Please be aware that information regarding concussions will be sent home with your athlete. Also, please be aware that Hale Area Schools staff (coaches, administration) may have to make decisions as to whether your athlete is displaying concussion-like symptoms. As non-medical professionals, we will always be conservative in our evaluation. If it is felt by the staff member that concussion-like symptoms exist, the athlete must be removed for the remainder of that practice or contest. In addition, per MHSAA requirements, the athlete will need to have a return to participation form completed and signed by a doctor, physicians assistant or nurse practitioner. Also, please be aware that the MHSAA carries an excess insurance policy to cover concussion treatment that would respond over and above any and all other applicable payment source up to a limit of $ 25,000.00. Please contact the athletic directors (ad@haleschools.net) if you have further questions.
I understand the above statement regarding concussions and will contact the athletic directors if I have further questions. *
Team Travel
Per Hale Area Schools policy, all athletes must travel to and from all sporting events that have school sponsored transportation. The only exceptions to this rule would be return from contests where the parent/guardian of the athlete personally signs out the athlete after the contest. NO ONE OTHER THAN THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN MAY SIGN OUT AN ATHLETE. Any other exceptions to the policy would require advanced permission from the athletic department at least 24 hours prior to the departure for the contest.
I understand the team travel requirements and that my athlete may only be signed out after a contest by their parent/guardian. *
Issues with coaches
Please understand that the coaches of Hale Area Schools coach with the best intentions for all the athletes on their teams. With that in mind we understand that occasionally as a parent you or your athlete may have concerns about the team or your athlete that you need to discuss with the coach. The proper way to handle such a situation would be to have the athlete talk directly with the coach and share their concerns. This helps our athletes develop interpersonal skills they will need later in life. If that is not possible, or you as the parent need to speak to the coach, it is best to meet directly with the coach (it is best not to do this immediately after contests as emotions are usually running high and the conversation is rarely productive). If after meeting with the coach you still have concerns that you feel have not been resolved, the next step would be to set up a meeting with the athletic director to discuss further. Please remember: We are all on the same team!
I understand the proper way to address any concerns I have with a Hale Area Schools coach. *
Good sportsmanship is a point of emphasis for educational athletics. We strive to have Hale Area Schools considered a school that exhibits great sportsmanship. There are many important aspects in being a school of great sportsmanship. First would be to cheer for your team. Great sports cheer for their team, not against the opponent or an individual player or coach. It is our goal to lift our players through our support. Second, good sports accept that mistakes will be made. Sports are activities played by humans, coached by humans and officiated by humans. As humans they will make mistakes. Please understand this is a natural part of athletic competition. As the sign in our gym says "Be a Fan, not a Fanatic". Lastly, good sports make opponents and officials feel welcome and cheer for good clean competition. Everyone wants to win, but wanting to win does not excuse unsportsmanlike behavior.
I agree that sportsmanship is an important part of High School sports and I will do my best to support good sportsmanship at Hale Eagles sporting events. *
Hale Eagles Sports Boosters
The Hale Eagles Sports Boosters (HESB) is the athletic booster club for our school made up entirely of people volunteering their time to make the experience of all of our athletes better. One of the functions the HESB is running our indoor and outdoor concession stands. In order to do this effectively and to lighten the load on all volunteers, we ask that each parent of our athletes volunteer some time to these concessions. It is an important part of our athletic program. Thank you for giving back!
What is a good phone number for the HESB to contact you?
What is a good email for the HESB to reach out to you?
The coaches for winter sports in 2016-17 are as follows:

Varsity Boys Basketball: Joe Kimmerer
Joe has been coaching at Hale 20 seasons.

Varsity Girls Basketball: Ryan Parkinson
Ryan has been coaching at Hale for 18 seasons.

Boys JV Basketball: Andy Katterman
Andy has been the Boys JV coach for 5 seasons.

Girls JV Basketball: Pete Kaiser
Pete has been the Girls JV coach for 7 seasons.

8th Grade Basketball: Dave Rasch
Dave has been the MS Boys coach for 3 seasons.

7th Grade Basketball: Ben Katterman
Ben will be in his first year in our MS program.

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