Student Opinion of Teacher Survey
Please give your honest opinion of my work as a teacher in this course. Please respond to each question by clicking on the appropriate button. Responses are keyed on a Likert scale from 6 (far above average) to 0 (far below average), with 3 being designated as average.
Teacher seems to know the subject matter *
not knowledgeable
very knowledgeable
Teacher makes subject matter interesting *
Teacher explains subject matter clearly *
Teacher gives assignments relevant to the subject matter. *
never relevant
always relevant
Teacher is prepared for daily class work *
Teacher is willing to give extra help. *
not willing to help
willing to help
Teacher's speech and vocabulary are clear. *
Teacher is patient when a student doesn't understand the subject matter. *
Teacher is in control of class. *
not in control
in control
Teacher provides a relaxed atmosphere in class *
tense atmosphere
relaxed atmosphere
Teacher is enthusiastic *
Teacher shows a sense of humor *
no sense of humor
sense of humor
Teacher encourages students to participate in discussions and ask questions *
Teacher grading policies ae fair *
Teacher makes grades available so that you can check your progress *
not available
Teacher returns assignments promptly *
How would you rate follow-up lessons after test? *
(Did you understand the mistakes you made?)
no lessons
asequate lessons
Did you receive as much individual attention as you needed? *
not enough
adequate attention
What was your level of participation in this class *
(homework, class work, note-taking, activities, etc.)?
no participation
complete participation
Reading materials were appropiate and effective *
highly ineffective
highly effective
Class presentations (PowerPoints," etc.) were easy to follow and provided effective enhancement to lessons *
highly ineffective
highly effective
Cooperative/collaborative activities were effective and appropiate *
highly ineffective
highly effective
Videos and films shown in class wre appropriate and effective *
highly ineffective
highly effective
Students had adequate opportunities to use computers and/or advanced technology in this course *
no opportunities
adequate opportunities
What DO you like about the teacher? *
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What DON'T you like about the teacher? *
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Which class session or unit was the MOST interesting? *
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Which class session or unit was the LEAST interesting? *
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Remember Edmodo from last semester? Do you think its worth using again next year with my classes? Explain. *
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How could the teacher make the course more interesting? *
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What parts of the course should not be changed? *
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How hard did you have to work in this class (as compared to your other classes)? *
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Did the teacher use a variety of lessons and activities or was the routine used all semester? *
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What unit or lesson did you ALMOST like (worth trying again/improving next year)? *
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Does the teacher have any annoying habits or peculiarities? *
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Has the teacher ever acted or spoken in a manner that could be considered racist or sexist? Explain.
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Would you recommend this course to someone else? Why or why not? *
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Any additional comments?
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What course are you in? *
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Who is your teacher? *
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