Essex County Farming and Food Systems: Resident Survey
Agriculture and food systems were one of the only growing sectors in the North Country economy over the past 10 years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in local food production and the need for resilience in our food supply. Your participation is important for creating an updated strategic plan for agriculture and food systems for Essex County (the last plan was published in 1997). The Strategic Plan’s purpose is to shape the actions and priorities of the many organizations that support Essex County agriculture and the food system. The Plan will be signed into law by the Essex County Board of Supervisors and used to shape actions that affect agriculture and land use in the county.

This is a survey for all residents of Essex County. If you have any questions, please contact Carly Summers, Cornell Cooperative Extension at Only summary information will be shared publicly in the final strategic plan report. All results will be stored securely.
What food system topics are most important to you? (Please select your top 3 issues) *
I would like to see more ________________ in my community. (Please select your top 3 choices) *
Do you buy any of the following products from Essex County producers? (Please select all choices that apply) *
If you buy agricultural products that are grown or produced in Essex County, where do you buy them? (Please select all choices that apply) *
Which agriculture-related events in Essex County have you attended? *
Which, if any, of the following challenges do you face in getting healthy food? *
Which, if any, issues are most important to you regarding nutrition & agricultural education in schools? (please select your top 3 choices) *
If you receive FMNP coupons, do you typically spend them all? (If not, please explain barriers or concerns below.)
How do you feel about the following statement? (check all that apply): I buy local because I want to strengthen the local economy by supporting small businesses which create jobs, generate revenue, and create sustainable, positive growth. When I keep my money in the local economy, I help create a stronger community through the multiplier effect. *
How do you feel about the following statement (check all that apply): I buy local because it creates a more resilient food supply, so during times of crisis, when other food supply chains may be at risk, I can count on local farms to supply my diet. *
If you do buy local, what is the most important reason for doing so?
How has COVID-19 impacted your food purchasing and eating habits? *
Within the next 5-10 years, what is one hope that you have for food in your community? *
Please share any other thoughts you have regarding Essex County food systems.
What town do you live in? *
What is your household income?
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How much of the year do you live in Essex County?
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I'm interested in (checking all that apply)
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