Stiles Kitchen Quiz 2023-24
Only take this quiz if this is your first time using the kitchen this year! :)
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In our kitchen, there are cutting boards of various colors. The white boards are for raw meat, poultry and fish. All other boards are for everything else. Which cutting board should you use for cutting raw chicken? *
The "Rule of Thumb" for garbage disposal is: "if you don't eat it, it doesn't go down the disposal." Select the item that can go down the disposal. *
To clean the kitchen, use the cooking surface wipes or cleaning spray & paper towels located in the kitchen. Use the wipes/spray to clean and sanitize all surfaces you touched. Clean the dishes with dish soap and a sponge. Extra sponges and wipes can be found in the corner cabinet next to the sink. DO NOT use the sponges to clean the counters. 
True or False: You should use the sponges to clean the counters.
Any leftover ingredients can be left for future kitchen users. They should be LABELED using masking tape and sharpies with the date they were opened, properly SEALED in leakproof bags or containers, and STORED in the fridge/freezer or corresponding cabinet. Labeling materials are in the second drawer from the top to the right of the oven. After a week, all ingredients will be thrown out. 
True or False: I should label my leftover milk with the expiration date and leave it in the cabinet for others to use. 
The kitchen fridge, microwave, and freezer are NOT for personal use. 'In and out' privileges will not be granted; the kitchen is only unlocked for reservations. Any food stored in the kitchen which is not an ingredient for others to use will be thrown out immediately.
True or False: I should leave my commons leftovers in the Student Kitchen fridge and come in to reheat it in the microwave whenever I want. 
What should I take my leftovers in after cooking/baking in the kitchen? *
True or False: When I begin using the kitchen, I will complete a check in form, and when I am finished using the kitchen, I will complete the check out form and attach a picture of the clean kitchen so that I am not held accountable for other people's messes. *
Who is responsible for cleaning the kitchen? *
How should the kitchen look when I'm done with it? *
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