Secondary Re-Opening Survey for Families
Student Name(s)
1.) What grade level(s) will he/she be in September?
2.) Is your child(ren) considered vulnerable health-wise during this pandemic or do you live with someone that is considered vulnerable? If you have more than 1 child in school, please name the child(ren) who is vulnerable in the comments section at the end.
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3.) If given the option to attend school in person or at virtually at home, which would you choose (If choose virtual at home, this would be a marking period by marking period commitment with daily attendance, along with the same academic expectations as students in school)?
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4.) If your child attends school in person will you transport your child to school or will he/she ride the bus?
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5.) If your child attends school in person, will you eat breakfast at home or at school?
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6.) If your child attends school in person, will you pack a lunch, or get the school lunch?
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7.) If your child is learning virtually at home, will you want meal deliveries?
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8.) If we are forced to have all students do virtual learning, do you anticipate a need for daycare or student support, and if so, for what hours?
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