VCoPs and Resilience
A Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) is defined as a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or interest in a topic and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals. VCoPs focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance a domain of professional practice. Interaction on an ongoing basis is an important part of this. In the crisis management field, the inter-organizational collaboration is increasingly important to deal successfully with emergency situations so in this context, VCoPs provide a new model for connecting people with the spirit of learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.
The aim of this survey is to analyze if the existence of VCoPs in crisis management field can help to improve the level of organizational resilience.
Organizational resilience is defined as capacity of the system to make decisions and take actions that lead to reduce the probability of failure, to reduce the consequences from failure and to reduce the time needed to carry out all the response and recovery activities.

The survey is divided into two sections. The first one contains general questions about yourself, the second section analyzes the relationship between VCoPs and organizational resilience principles.

Once we receive the questionnaires from all participants we will send you a document with the results of this research.
We would appreciate if you could answer to the questionnaire before July 10th. The estimated time to fulfill the questionnaire is 10 minutes.

SECTION I: General questions
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