HoloKit Giveaway for Creative Developers
Hey, Mixed Reality Developer!

This is Botao from Amber Garage, a creative art & robotics studio / lab in Silicon Valley. I’m thrilled to know you have an interest in HoloKit and I can’t wait to see what kind of mixed reality concepts you come up with using it. HoloKit is a gift for you (free of charge!)

Why we’re doing this

The motivation behind the HoloKit project is to make to mixed reality devices more accessible to creative developers like you, to inspire more and more people to create the future of mixed reality. Nowadays, all other options in the mixed reality device market are either too expensive or just plain inaccessible. So we tried our best to design a mixed reality solution to provide a very high quality experience in visual effects, interaction, and perception technology while remaining affordable.


It took us several months of researching and prototyping to develop the software, design the hardware structure, find high precision optics and specially coated lenses to solve this puzzle. It worked, eventually. The actual visual quality of the HoloKit mixed reality experience is far beyond our expectations and in many ways much better than current devices on the market which sell at 100X the price of HoloKit. We call this first version HoloKit 1.

Go build something cool

We’re very happy to share our idea and solution with you. As a creative studio with a very small team, we don’t plan to massively manufacture or sell the kits but rather to inspire people with this idea. Therefore, we decided to open source our hardware, software, and SDK to let geniuses like you evolve HoloKit to make the future closer to reality. Moreover, in order to bootstrap this idea, we handmade 1000 units of HoloKit 1 to distribute to talented mixed reality developers/artists/educators/evangelists such as yourself. We only made 1000 units. That’s it. Why? That’s all we can afford to give away. 😜

Now it’s your turn!
We look forward to seeing what you can do with HoloKit!

Get it!

In order to get your HoloKit, can you do us a favor to fill in this application form https://go.holokit.io/giveaway for us? Or visit http://holokit.io for more information. 

Since this first version HoloKit 1 is not for consumers but rather for developers, we can only ship this HoloKit to the developer who has Unity 3D development experience and has iPhone 6 S plus or iphone 7 plus with iOS 11 beta installed. Otherwise, it's totally unusable device for you at least now.

Best wishes,
Botao Hu
Founder of Amber Garage & Creative Director of HoloKit

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