It's the 2018 AKA Social Media Questionnaire
The Social Media landscape is an ever-changing organism. Most social media platforms are governed by algorithms that are constantly learning, and we have to constantly learn them, and learn how to use them. We are working hard to bring you content that matches your interests, and most of the time the only way we now what those interests are is when we look at the insight data. There is a lot of powerful, and useful information in the insight data, but, it lacks your direct input. This is your chance to tell us what you think, what you would like to see, what you want more of, and where you think we have areas to improve! So why not take a few minutes and help us bring MORE kites into your newsfeed!
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How often do you see content from the AKA page in your news feed?
What do you like best about AKA Social Media Pages? (Facebook, Instagram, etc....)
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Where do you get most of your Kiting News from?
What do you think there needs to be more of?
What is your favorite kite?
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Do you have anything else to add? Any comments, suggestions, kudos, criticisms? This is your space to add valuable input.
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