2018 Bargaining
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How long have you been employed at Kaiser?
Which service area do you work in?
Which contract are you under?
What wage increases would you like to see in this contract?
Would you be willing to take less in wages in order to maintain the other benefit levels?
Is your department understaffed?
Have you been denied vacation for staffing issues?
Have you been denied sick leave for staffing issues?
Have you been denied education leave for staffing issues?
Have you felt the need to work overtime because of short staffing?
Have you noticed management doing bargaining unit work on a regular basis?
Are you a part of the UBT in your department?
Do you feel the Union should have more input into decision making?
Have you been denied a position, a shift, overtime, or leave to a less senior employee?
Is there anything else you would like us to know prior to bargaining?
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