Repair X survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your comments and suggestions are VERY important in this stage of our company.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our products and find out how to make Repair X serve a technicians needs. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).
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Repair Hero Technician Training Course
How are you today?
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What is your profession or skill?
Do you own any other repair guides, magnetic mats or screw holders?
What device do you see the most in your repair store, or orders you get from your parts store?
What do you dislike about the magnetic tray? (Give suggestion based on what you see on the web site if you haven't purchased one yet)
What do you dislike about Repair X repair guides? (Give suggestion based on what you see on the web site if you haven't purchased one yet)
Which Repair X repair guide features do you think are most important?
Not useful at all
Somewhat useful
Very useful
I need this (no compromise)
Not sure
Larger size
Having a Magnetic surface
Having a writable surface
Color coded parts
Labeled parts with their proper names
Screw locations labled
Tools a device needs for repair
Date the device was made (to determine age of device)
Knowing if a charge port on a Phone or Tablet is soldered or not
concise instructions on each repair guide
instructions for screen repair
instructions for charge port repair
each repair guide color coded by brand so its easy to find a device brand by looking at the color of the boarder
A colorful and cool looking repair guide to look at
A tray that keeps screws and parts from sliding off when caried
A plain side of the repair guide with minimal labeling
Having a low price per guide and sacrifice the magnetic surface built on it by having to purchase a separate magnetic tray
Large selection of repair guides to choose from
Model numbers identified for each device
Clear selection
What device(s) would you want to see made in a Repair X repair guide? (Check all that apply)
Can I contact you for additional information? (optional)
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