CheerCore Individual Athlete Assessment (Season 12)
Hi there! We are so glad you are interested in joining our competitive program for this upcoming season. Due to recent events, we are using an individual assessment process in place of regular tryouts in order to field teams that are safe, successful and competitive.

The Individual Athlete Assessment is comprised of 3 simple steps:

1) Athlete Information (who are you?)
2) Skills List (what can you currently do?)
3) View your inbox for Season 12 Team Info

Let's get started...
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Step 1: Athlete Information
Please tell us a little bit about yourself (or if you're a parent, please be sure to fill out this form WITH your child)
Your Full Name *
Your Date Of Birth *
Were you a CheerCore athlete last season? *
Which level did you compete in last season? *
Note: if you did not compete last season, please mark the highest level you've competed in at some point in the past... regardless of which program or gym.
Which level are you aiming to make this year? *
Out of all the personal values listed below, which 3 would you say are the MOST important to YOU as an ATHLETE? *
Please be 100% honest; there is no wrong answer. Understanding your values will allow our coaches to help you reach your goals and put you in a position to succeed.
Do you have any injuries, allergies or any other medical conditions that we should know about? Please list all that apply. If none, simply type "none". *
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