Foster Application
Super Paws Rescue
Full Name
Please note: If questions are left blank your application will be denied automatically. We require all questions to be answered in full, with as much detail as necessary. Please write why you agree or disagree if the question asks . If you are renting we require the landlords contact info, as well as we require references. If anything is left blank your application will automatically be denied. If there is a question you are stuck, confused, or cannot answer please call 289.442.2167 and We would be happy to help. Please write your name to confirm you have read and understand this. We are very strict on this as we need this information to ensure we are placing the dog in the best possible hands. Thank you.
Address (Example 555 east 19th street, Hamilton Ontario, L9A 2T7)
Email Address
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Emergency Contact (Name, Relation to you, and Phone Number)
Are you currently employed?
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What do you do for work, What are your hours typically like?
Do you rent or own your residence?
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Does everyone in your home support the fostering program?
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?
What are the ages of the people in your home?
Does anyone in your home smoke? If so explain where?
If renting please provide landlord contact information (Name, Phone or Email)
Have you fostered before?
If yes to the previous question, for what rescue?
There is no time guarantee when it comes to fostering, can you commit to a minimum of 6 months?
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Do you have any animals currently?
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If yes, What type, Gender and Age?
If applicable are they Spayed or Neutered
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Are the animals in your home up to date on vaccines?
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Do you consent to Super Paws doing a reference check with your vet?
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What is your current vet and their phone number?
Have you previously had animals? What type, and for how long?
Do you have access to a vehicle?
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Are you able to bring the dog to Vet appointments and Meet and greets with potential adopters?
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How long will the foster dog be left alone?
Where will the foster dog stay when alone?
Where will the dog sleep at night?
Do you believe in crate training? Why or why not?
If the dog is left more than 6 hours how will you ensure they have a washroom break?
How will you ensure the dog is safe at all times (on walks, meeting kids, etc)
Do you have instagram? if so what is your @
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