Have you been online shopping more during the pandemic?
Even as you tell yourself to save every last cent right now, impulsive online shopping can be hard to resist when you're stuck at home and feeling stressed out. Especially if you're spending more time online — there are countless shiny temptations just a click away from being yours. For some of us, online shopping during quarantine may have become an unhealthy emotional crutch.

If you feel that your non-essential online shopping has started to get out of hand, tell us how you've been dealing with it. What kinds of shopping are you gravitating towards during COVID-19? How is it making you feel?
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Before quarantine, how much did you usually spend a month on non-essential shopping? How much has it increased since then?
What was your most recent impulse buy? What's been your main shopping obsession during quarantine? (WFH clothes? Skincare? Home decor?)
What are your go-to places to shop online?
Why do you think you've been online shopping more, and how do you feel about it? Are you trying to curb it now?
Have you ever bought something based on a social media ad, or a recommendation by someone you follow on social media?
Have you been spending more time online since March? Do you think that has helped fuel your online shopping compulsions?
Overall, how have you been holding up during COVID-19? What has been the most difficult part for you?
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