Phi Alpha Delta Survey
Here is the place to leave any anonymous feedback and suggestions you have for PAD. Your feedback is extremely important so that we can pick events that you are interested in and improve PAD. This will be open all year, so you can continuously add your input. Thank you!
How would you rate your experience in PAD?
Eh...Not really what I expected
Amazing!! Everything that I expected!
What do we REALLY need improve on?
Your answer
Fraternal Events
What events do you like?
What do you not like? What could we improve?
Your answer
What other events would you like?
Your answer
Should we have a member retreat?
How would you reach out to new members?
Your answer
Do you like the current recruitment and initiation process?
If no, what would you like to see happen?
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Professional Events
What workshops are you interested in?
What outside events are you interested in?
What type of speakers are you interested in?
Your answer
Other suggestions?
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Fundraising Events
What suggestions for fundraising do you have?
Your answer
Social Media
How is our social media presence?
Needs MAJOR improvement
Perfect the way it is now.
What would you like to see change on our social media?
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Council and Board
Do you think we had an effective leadership team?
What can we improve on?
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