Jan 21 #WeRise Teach-In Endorsement
Please submit this form to endorse the J-21 Teach-In, which will be taking place in the afternoon/evening following the Women's March on Washington. The Teach-In will be focused on the challenges facing our democracy and the basic rights of women, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, low and moderate income people, and the environment that we all need to survive. We are organizing a space that is grassroots organizing-focused, but open to people who are new to progressive movements, with space for training at different levels of engagement. Endorsers will be listed on the J21TeachIn.org website.

NOTE: This event is non-partisan. Political party-affiliated groups, organizations created primarily to influence the nomination or election of candidates, groups that exist to promote a current candidate, or groups that feature a candidate in their name may not endorse the event. We appreciate your understanding.

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