Tales from the Cotting House - Adventure Day Donations
If you would like to donate to the Auction, Raffle, or Bake Sale for the Adventure Day / Fundraiser / Vendor Faire, please submit your item below. Players of Tales will earn CP (minimum of 5 CP per item) for donated items.

Auction items can be anything, from jewelry to weapons, from belts to bracers, from pouches to drinking mugs, masks and elaborate journals. You could also offer non-LARP related items, such as gaming books/sets, tea sets, etc.

Raffle items can be Gift Baskets (such as Spell Packet Making basket, Tea Basket, Fairytale Themed Basket, Movie Night Basket, LARP Makeup Basket, etc) or smaller items that would make a great Raffle item, but not necessarily an auction item, such as small pouches, journals, wands, masks, movies/movie tickets, etc.

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