Staff Form for SacCubing VII 2019
So, you want to be a staff member for SacCubing VII 2019, huh? You have come to the right place. If you would like to be on staff, please fill out this form. Be aware that we are only allowing an undisclosed number of competitors on staff, so if you are not selected, do not be discouraged to help us with judging and running anyway. Also, you will not be considered to be on staff until you pay your registration fee.

We will notify you of you being on staff a few days before the competition.

Thank you,
What is your name? (First and Last) *
What county do you live in? (e.g. Sacramento, CA) *
How old are you? *
Will SacCubing VII 2019 be your first WCA competition? *
If no, have you ever judged/ran at a competition before? *
Which of the following events are you planning on competing in at SacCubing VII 2019? *
If handed a scramble sequence, which of the following are you able to scramble at a reasonable pace? *
Set-Up for the competition begins at 8:00 AM. Would you be willing to arrive before the first event, at 9:00, to help set up tables, chairs, timers, etc.? *
Lunch will be at 12:05 PM. To ensure that all of our staff are in one place during that time, would you be willing to have pizza for lunch?
Clear selection
Clean-Up is scheduled at 5:30 PM. Would you be willing to stay after the competition to help clean up trash and pack away equipment? *
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