Survivors-like Review Scale Form

This form is a companion to the scorecard form for fans and reviewers to give input about games outside of comparing features. This form is not for devs to talk about their own games. It will be taken into account for all review scores and any notes made on it may be publicly added to the "wiki" spreadsheet at
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You will be credited by your screen name unless you ask otherwise, our default format is redditt users like u/Username. You can include a link or email if you want instead.
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Game Name *
Game Blurb
A small 2-3 sentence description of the game and how you feel about it. For reference, see the first column at the spreadsheet.
Pure Vibes First Impression *
Going completely with your gut, give the game a score in 10ths going from 0 to 10 (101 point scale). You don't have to defend this in any way, but you can in the notes at the end. Example: 9.8
Hours Played *
Check your steam hours in the game and see how many hours you have played.
Review Scale Scores
We have 10 categories to review the game by in the review scale, a 210 point scale. Be generous here, it should be relatively easy for a game to get a high score in each of these categories. But it's also very possible to go into the negatives in any of them if a game is absolutely dismal. It should be unlikely to get a -10/10 score, most 'bad' games will likely still get enough partial positive scores to get around a 0/10 on the review scale so don't feel a need to exaggerate issues. Make notes on your scores at the end.
Not Buggy *
While bugs can impact every other category, we're giving them their own here. A game can't get a full score with bugs and totally game breaking computer frying virus bearing bugs can bring a game into the negatives on this category.
Not Janky *
The "jankiness" of a game is how awkward it feels but outside of obvious bugs. Things that may be gameplay design attention or a bit more aesthetically influenced. It's harder to name exactly what make something janky, but you usually know it when you see it. Some jankiness may be expected of indie lofi games, use your heart here.
Good UI *
Is the user interface easy to navigate and understand, or ideally even fun?
Controller & Steam Deck *
For our reviews we're specifically trying to let people know if it plays well with controller and steam deck, so if it's totally broken for either you need to mark that here.
Lots of Content *
Good Theme / Characters *
Good Graphics & Sound *
Responsive & Fun Feel *
This is the category to score how the game mechanics feel to play. Do the controls feel drifty in a bad way? Are the hitboxes good? Does it just seem to scratch some primal gameplay itch? Sometimes a game has good gameplay even if everything else about it sucks, even if the meta doesn't draw you into it we would score that highly here. 
Unique Twists *
Does the game have twists that make it fun? They don't need to be super unique to all of gaming to get a full score, for example the simple nautical change in controls for Sea of Survivors was enough to earn a 1 because it's fun.
Vibe Check *
Use this column to just adjust your review as much as you'd like by how you feel about the game. You can explain why in the notes. Does it just feel off? Is it upsetting for some reason? Boring? Amazing? Let us know.
Review and Scoring Notes
Let us know anything you want to about the game or how you scored it. THESE MAY BE EDITED AND THEN POSTED PUBLICLY. For reference, see the scoring notes columns at the spreadsheet. Try to keep it to similar length as that. This is where you can write your review! You can separate it across the three fields or put it all in one, the prompts are mostly there just to help you think of what to talk about.
Scoring Notes: Introduce the Game
What is this game? What is the genre it's in? Is it first person or isometric? And so on. How would you introduce it?
Control Notes
How do the controls work? It's ok for this to be short. Example: "This is a movement focused game with only the joystick or mouse." or "This is a complex game with many buttons used for action RPG style abilities" 
Run Time Notes *
Help us write down a Run Time in minutes to sort the column by. It's common to say a game has "30 minute runs" if the initial goal is to survive for that amount of time, like in Vampire Survivors. We also have a column for notes about other standard run times. Example: "15 Minutes, Endless" for Vampire Survivors.

In our spreadsheet we refer to Run Time as the standard length of play for set conditions (not total HLTB time or average play session). It could be timed survival's stated time goal. This usually refers to a dungeon crawl run outside of the wave context. For example "45m" or "30m" for how long it takes to beat a Hades-style session to the finish line.

If the game isn't run based, what is the length of making your way through the average play experience? For example, a vertically scrolling spaceship arcade game might have a "30m" time if you manage to do a one credit clear and see the "whole game". A campaign based game without levels might have a "12 hour" run time. A level based arcade game might measure gaming sessions in level complete times, for example: "5m"

This category is very important to lunch break gamers. Long question, sorry. Small answer. Example: "30m"

Game Mode Notes
How do modes work? If it doesn't have runs, tell us how it's presented. Example: "This game has a level based campaign which includes many 5 minute time wave survival events as quests." This is also a good place to talk about how difficulty modifiers, etc, work.
Scoring Notes: Describe the Mechanics
How does the game work? Why did you score it how you did on the Comparison Scale form, if you used it?
Scoring Notes: Make Your Conclusions
Do you recommend this game to fans of Vampire Survivors and the survivors-like genre? Please try to rephrase the question in your review as a statement, since readers won't see the question. Which features would they like? Which are a refreshing difference? Which might be a disappointing difference?
Marketing Text: Paste from Devs
Paste in the first marketing text from the steam page, or selections you've found from dev quotes. Keep it kind of short! We'll find more if needed!
Any other info you'd like us to know? Stuff to correct in other columns? Let us know!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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